My work

my capabilities span a wide range of skills, but my core competencies lie in advertising photography and postproduction for web, print and any other placements.



  • catalog on a white background
  • jewelries and gems
  • firearms and bladed weapons
  • drinks and beverages
  • food and meals for the menu
  • clothes (on a mannequin, model or folded)
  • interior and interior items
  • staged advertising photography


  • image optimization for any sorts of placements and media
  • quick batch processing
  • isolating and background replacement
  • complex retouching (for exampe, to remove injury / reflection, change the color, shape and texture of the object)
  • vector drawing
  • collage of any complexity
  • any raster / vector 2D design
  • video editing and animation

I am fortunate to work with some great partners. Here are a few of my favorites.

Work with me

If you need perfect photos of your product please don’t hesitate to ask and contact me to discuss the details:

+7(967) 090-60-99


Fill the form: Blokhin PhilippPhoto+Design